Understanding our brand is impossible without first understanding the breadth of experience, vision, passion, and talent within the man behind the brand. ALAKAZIA has worked in the fashion industry for over thirty years. Though primarily a designer, he has had great success in many senior officer level positions with responsibilities covering all operational activities within the global apparel industry.

ALAKAZIA’s mother was a well-known milliner who worked with the legendary hat designer Mr. John for over thirty-five years. ALAKAZIA’s hereditary design talent was augmented by prestigious education and training. ALAKAZIA attended the Royal College of Art in London, England, where he studied fashion and interior design. He excelled and received many coveted awards and appointments. He also developed his talents and skills by attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising of Los Angeles, where he again received numerous accolades. Throughout his career, ALAKAZIA has maintained his industry status and business savvy by attending and lecturing at retail and fashion seminars worldwide.

First and foremost, ALAKAZIA is a master of design and taste. His numerous and diverse titles and positions have enabled him to direct every type of operational activity in the fashion industry, but no company has ever been naïve enough to remove the word “designer” from ALAKAZIA’s job description and responsibilities. ALAKAZIA has an uncanny ability to design products on the cutting edge of contemporary trends. ALAKAZIA’s design talent has been highly regarded in the industry for decades.

ALAKAZIA - The Brand

ALAKAZIA aims to be fashion’s foremost name in headwear, offering its clientele well-crafted products that are current and incorporate the unique flare of their legendary designer. We provide products for a vast set of persons who we hope can become personally and emotionally vested in our vision, for ALAKAZIA designs not just for the person, but their personality and lifestyle. We see our ideal client as a “fashion individualist,” someone who not only possesses an eye for modern style but a desire to push beyond fashion conformity, someone with taste beyond taste.

Though headwear will always be the core of the ALAKAZIA brand, we seek to provide designs tailored to your infinitely specific, entirely unique lifestyle. ALAKAZIA will complement his headwear collections with apparel, home décor, and other product lines suited to make your life a more beautiful one to live.

ALAKAZIA’s long history of success can be attributed to his uncanny awareness of both trends and people. His designs reflect the breadth modern style yet they speak to the individual client on a personal level. ALAKAZIA:

Forward  Energetic  Sensual  Sleek  Personable  Expressive